Physical Reality

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The most fundamental law of physical reality is phrased in terms of a commandment:


“Thou shalt construct in a modular way”.



The foundation of physical reality is necessarily simple and can easily be comprehended by skilled scientists. The extension of this foundation appears to be stringently restricted by rules that are set by the structure of this foundation. The foundation is not accessible for observation. Thus statements about this foundation cannot be verified by experiments.
The only way to investigate the foundation is via the application of mathematical test models. This is the target of
Hilbert Book Test Model.


At first sight, physical theories use several mathematical methodologies that do not have many direct interrelations. The owner of this website has discovered an extension to Dirac’s bra-ket notation that allows the definition of a category of operators with the help of functions and number systems. This extension is called the reverse bra-ket method.


The reverse bra-ket method can create natural parameter spaces from quaternionic number systems and can relate pairs of functions and their parameter spaces with eigenspaces and eigenvectors of corresponding operators that reside in non-separable Hilbert spaces. This also works for separable Hilbert spaces and the defining functions relate the separable Hilbert space with its non-separable companion. The method links Hilbert space technology with function technology, differential technology and integral technology